About Us:

Company History:

The brand PRESTO is owned by Mohan Impressions Pvt. Limited, a Company incorporated in June 1995 with one particular objective; to be the premium resource in everything that can be Personalised. The founder Directors Anurag Poddar and Anil K. Jhawar have been at the helm of the affairs since. The journey began with a miniscule team of 10 in a small office in the heart of Kolkata and one solitary product. Today, the Company has a Staff strength of 150+ and owned business space exceeding 50000 sq ft.

Over the past decade and a half, the company has grown in leaps and bounds. Helped by an excellent Product line and a Dream Team, we have created avenues where none existed for our industry. Today, we are the only brand in Personalisation that boasts of a Retail presence in 130 plus locations across India and now looking for EBOs outside India through the Franchise route.

Our Purpose of Being in Business:

At Presto, our goal is to be the Numero Uno of Personalised Products and services by offering quality products and unparalleled customer service. We take great pride in being part of our customer's celebrations and a part of all the significant moments of their lives both personally and professionally, whether big or small.

Our primary focus is in helping our customers signify the importance of any occasion with a personalized gift selection that reflects their precise sentiments. The individuality of our gifts ensure that their genuine thoughts are long-remembered by their family and friends, clients and colleagues, business partners and vendors they wish to honour with an expression of remembrance or appreciation. Similarly, our ranges of pre-inked stamps are manufactured with emphasis on quality and quality alone.

In order to facilitate this process, Presto invested its efforts into developing an in-house operation for providing its customer base with quality services delivered within

minimal time.
top The Prestogifts.com Online Store:

Presto entered the realm of e-commerce by launching its portal www.prestogifts.com.
This is one of our proudest accomplishments. Through our online presence, we have improved customer communications and have further simplified the gift-giving process by making shopping convenient and secure.

At Presto, we allow customers to select a gift, perform personalization in simplest possible steps and finalize the order in minimal time. Our customers can create a personal online account, which they can access 24 hours in a day to check the status of an order, edit their account information and send inquiries directly to our Customer Service Division.

Presto has spared no efforts and resources in utilizing the latest advances in technology and security to provide its customers a safe and satisfying shopping experience. We are continuously updating our web site to reflect new products, specific product information and advances in online shopping features in order to make certain that we remain constant in exceeding the expectations of our customers.

Our Superiority in Products:

Presto is committed to presenting only products of superior quality. Our Quality Control Team carries out careful research and examines all products in detail prior to making them available. This ensures their compliance with our Quality standards. It is our commitment to work directly with recognized vendors, suppliers and manufacturers in delivering the highest quality products available in the market.

Presto adheres to a stringent policy regarding product integrity and will not ship any product that it determines to be substandard to that policy. You may shop with our guarantee and in confidence that all products offered meet our quality assurance criteria.

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