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Ready to find the job that’s right for you at Presto?
  The Apply Now Overview provides answers to questions we often receive from candidates, tips for making your resume shine, even a tool to help you build your resume.

  Apply Now Overview:
Finding the right job takes some work. That’s why we’ve assembled tools to help you find the best fit and present yourself most successfully
when applying. 

Will my application be treated confidentially?
  Yes, we will treat your application with full respect and confidentiality. Initially, one of our recruiters and the hiring manager for the position will confidentially review your application. If they agree that you should progress to an interview, they will share your application with an interviewer—also a Presto employee trained in our recruitment processes and confidentiality requirements. If you are not hired for this particular job,
we will retain your personal information and contact you again only if you give us permission to do so.
How will I be evaluated for a job at Presto?
  We will carefully assess your application, resume/CV, and experience related to the job for which you’re applying. We’ll also consider you for other openings that might match your background and expertise. If you are being considered for a job, a recruiter will contact you for an interview.
What’s the best way to submit my application?
  We prefer to receive applications electronically on this website. Your application and resume/CV should summarize your education, accomplishments, and employment history, plus any other information you think we should know.
Do you check references?
  Yes, we may perform extensive reference and educational qualification checks at any point in the recruitment process.

Resume Tips
  • Summarize your education and employment experience. Be sure to focus on the aspects of your background that match the requirements of the job you’re applying for, and skip the things that are outdated or irrelevant.
  • Describe your specific strengths and expertise. Convey, if appropriate, how your skills might be applied in new or different ways or for a different type of job than you’ve had in the past.
  • Highlight your accomplishments in previous jobs, not just your duties or responsibilities. Everyone has job duties; it’s how you approached them and what you accomplished in carrying them out that makes you stand out.
  • Highlight specific qualifications for this job. If you are applying for a specific position, be sure to call out experience or accomplishments that make you qualified—or even more qualified than another applicant. For example, if you’ve worked with a particular technology the job
    requires or you have experience that might give you an edge, be sure to mention it.
  • And don’t underestimate how important it is to: Make sure your resume is completely up-to-date, including ensuring your contact
    information is current. Be honest. Paint the best possible picture of yourself, but don’t exaggerate.  And proofread for typos and
    errors - more than once!
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