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A business franchise opportunity is within your reach

    When we think of business franchise opportunities, we think of an authorized way of doing business funding a special charge to the "franchisor", in lieu of obtaining licenses for conducting the franchise business. This is a proven process of expanding a business chain and providing business franchise opportunity to several entrepreneurs who become the "franchise" and in turn help in growing the market chain, or the likes. Many global franchise business chain owners regularly franchise their retail chain to franchisees in several other nations, this not only benefits their company grow vertically but further allows for lateral growth wherein their interests are regionalized and diversified. Franchise opportunities in India present small-scale entrepreneurs to reach great heights, with the franchising rights.

  • Assistance in site selection, staff appointments & staff training
  • Total hand holding from concept to commissioning
  • Onsite maintenance of equipments and technical support
  • Market identification support
  • Product and Industry updates
  • Dedicated Presto Franchise Office to oversee issues and for seamless service
  • Franchisees' profitability assured
  • Annual franchise meets
  • Updates on Industry and Business
  • Merchandising and POP support all year round on all kinds of Special occasions.
  • Area exclusivity option on meeting quarterly target
  • Chance to be inside large retail stores like Pantaloon, Big Bazaar, MORE and Reliance Hyper mart

  • How's the future of franchise opportunities in India?

    There are tremendous franchise opportunities in India, and as more and more small to medium type companies plan their growth, they allow for their companies to be legally franchised. There are diverse kinds of franchise business opportunities, including product franchising and business name franchising simultaneously with other alternatives that may sell over certain rights to the franchise and not every right originally held for the organization. In some business franchise opportunity, the franchise is granted the rights to attend the original business practice of the corporation, but no rights to managing their own business, that is they are not granted rights to further profits, this is called product franchising. This approach is adopted by several international and national companies who desire to make their presence felt in across countries, but not necessarily aspire to diversify.

    Whichever option you as an entrepreneur takes to find a great opportunity from possible franchise opportunities in India, effort must be made to assess review and possibility for the benefit for each potential franchise business. Making this life-altering decision-based on the reference of a friend or family member or on "gut sense" is certainly a formula for failure. Worry not. Presto will provide you best franchise opportunities in India, want to know how? Give us a call!
Eligibility Criteria
  • Someone who believes that personalization is a great business to be in for the large margins it has to offer
  • Someone who has the zest of youth
  • Someone who has or intends to have an exclusive retail space of 40-400 sq.ft in Shopping malls or Premium High-Street
  • Someone who can invest Rs 10 to 17 lacs. into the business

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